WATCH: Adam Deen on Good Morning Britain on #Londonbridge attacks

WATCH- Adam Deen on Daily Politics – Manchester Attack

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The Big Questions 22/5/16 ‘Is countering extremism compatible with freedom of religion?’ #bbctbq

#TRTWorld Debate Is the UK’s counter-extremism strategy helpful or harmful?

Me on The Big Questions ‘Do we need a British Islam?’ 31/01/16

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Me on TRT World talking about ISIS’s appeal.

Me on @CNN earlier in the week on #Parisattacks

Speaking to Vanessa Feltz. A brief discussion on how I became an extremist.

My Interview on Extremism – Talk radio Europe

Clarification Kafir (Arabic: كافر‎ kāfir, plural كفّار kuffār) Ostentatious disbeliever.